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Poker Wisdom From Phil Gordon Part 2 And Playing J-J



In Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book, he points out the importance of position in No Limit Hold’em – although I think it applies to Limit Hold’em as well. Being last to bet, he says, is having “good position”.


The importance of your position in a Cheri Casino hand should not be underestimated. Being on the button (being the dealer, in reality or in essence) gives you a decided advantage. You get the benefit of seeing how everyone else bets. Suppose you’ve gained a strong pair (20 points) pre-flop and no one has bet strongly. You can take advantage of this fact by betting strongly pre-flop, if no one has already tried to steal the blinds.


You’ll also have to factor in whether or not any of the players has a tendency to slow-play. Maybe they don’t want you to know yet that they’ve got a strong hand. But as Gordon says, if an opponent doesn’t already have a pair pre-flop, they’ll “only flop a pair about 35% of the time.” On the other hand, another poker writer claimed that the vast majority of Texas Hold’em hands are won with two pair.


I’ve previously talked about playing A-A, K-K, and Q-Q (high 20s). I’m a fairly tight player early in a game. If I get J-J or 10-10 (small 20s) pre-flop, I’ll play them cautiously, depending on my position.


If I’m in the blinds, I’ll slow-play until after the flop. If the flop gives me something stronger (trips or another pair, or a straight draw), I’ll stay in the hand.  If I’m in the small blinds (directly left to the dealer, thus first to bet), I’ll probably slow-play and bet the minimum (in both Limit and No Limit). If I’m in the big blinds (second …