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Statewide leaders formed Vote NO Online Betting committee



Statewide leaders committed to defeating the Learn and Earn Casino Gambling Amendment today formally filed the Vote NO Casinos committee with the Ohio Secretary of State.


The Vote NO Casinos committee is co-chaired by Ohio Auditor of State Betty Montgomery and David Zanotti, President & CEO of the Ohio Roundtable, a non-profit independent public policy organization. Montgomery and Zanotti along with then Governor George Voinovich helped lead the successful campaign to defeat casino gambling in 1996. Senator Voinovich will also be working with the committee to defeat the Learn and Earn Casino amendment.


The Online Betting committee secretary is John Adams of Sandusky, Ohio. Mr. Adams helped lead the opposition to the 1990 casino campaign. Mr. Don McTigue, of Columbus, will serve as chief legal counsel to the committee.


Online Casino Gambling Lobby in Japan


The rise in popularity of online gambling throughout Asia has been well documented recently, and while there are those who are committed to erasing Internet gambling altogether such as China, there are also those who aim to take advantage of the particular economic opportunity it provides.


A recent campaign has been launched in Japan to legalise both online and land based casinos, and has been backed by the country’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party. An arm of the committee on tourism has suggested that the legalisation of online gambling in Japan would provide an economic boost for the country, in a move that could lead the way for a change of policy towards online casinos not only in Japan, but also throughout other parts of Asia.


The committee is expected to open discussions with government officials with the prospect of online gambling operators being invited for future talks.


However the news has been tempered by social action groups in Japan, who have expressed concern about the influence of increased online casino gaming on the country’s youth, prompting protests from charities and gambling awareness groups. In response, the government has taken measures to reassure protestors that their concerns will be carefully considered.


BETonSPORTS Fires CEO David Carruthers


LONDON, July 25 — The Board of Directors of BETonSPORTS plc announced that on 24 July 2006 the contract under which David Carruthers acted as CEO of the Company was terminated. As a consequence, the Board has removed him as a director.


This action was taken as a consequence of Mr. Carruthers continued detention by US authorities. Clearly, while he remains in the custody of the U.S. Government he is unable to perform his duties. Further the company has been unable to speak directly with Mr. Carruthers.


Meanwhile, having noted the recent media reports from various outlets in both the UK and the U.S. frther made the following statement:


“BetonSports plc (referred to as the Company) acquired the various businesses comprised in the group immediately prior to its float in July 2004. Other than David Carruthers the Board of directors, both executive and non-executive directors, was appointed at or subsequent to the float and are not named in the indictment.


Since the time of its public listing, the Board believes the Company has operated in accordance with the standard expected of a U.K. Plc which is publicly quoted on AIM on the London Stock Exchange. The Board wish to make absolutely clear that none of the founders of the original business has any continuing role within the Company. As disclosed in the AIM document, the original founder has a consulting agreement with the Company under which his role is non-management related which was an absolute requirement of the Board for the float and thereafter.


Some media reports have focused on alleged improper activity occurring at the group’s Costa Rican business premises during VIP parties and other events. All these allegations relate to the time prior to the acquisition of the business by the Company and its July 2004 float.


The Board wants to assure the investment community, employees, and customers of the Company that they, in consultation with the Company’s attorneys, are evaluating all of the Company’s options and deciding what steps will be taken next. Once a decision is made in this regard a further statement will be released. The Company wishes to express its appreciation to its employees, customers, investors and partners for their patience and support during this process and will issue further information as soon as possible.”